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2004 EC saw supply of over a million jobs in urban areas PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 July 2012 12:24

The just concluded fiscal year saw the supply of over a million jobs, according to the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.
Mekuria Haile, Minister of Urban Development and Construction said over a billion birr loan was distributed during the stated year to supply urban employment. Figures have revealed the whole operation in urban construction generated savings of 1.4 billion birr.
The five-year growth and transformation plan (GTP) sets to supply 3 million jobs in urban areas of the country. The 2003 EC fiscal year braced itself for over 500,000 jobs. Given the year was essentially of preparation to effect the grand plan, the achievement was great.
The 2004 EC fiscal year created jobs for over 1.1 million citizens across the nation as many projects in urban areas have begun operation.
According to Mekuria, Micro and Small Enterprises running construction, services, trading, manufacturing and urban agriculture businesses were the sources for the 661,000 jobs.
The balance goes to housing projects, urban infrastructure development, energy generation, railway construction, and sugar factory set up projects.
The projects are meant to shift living standard of citizens and employment is an essential component in this regard, Mekuria said.
Besides, the just ended fiscal year saw the provision of 300 technologies and training of 600,000 operators on technology operation and management. The process needed credit offer of 1 billion birr and provision of 185 hectares of land.
The achievement last fiscal year, Mekuria said, was above the target, but not without challenges. Projects that happened in 2004 EC fiscal year generated savings of 1.4 billion birr. The hope in the new fiscal year would bring in 1.7 million employment opportunities. (ERTA)

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