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Is Mr. Heinlein a VOA Reporter or a Danish Diplomat? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ben   
Saturday, 26 May 2012 11:46

(By: Ben) - According to credible sources, Mr. Heinlein is a husband of Royal Danish Ambassador to Ethiopia. Thus he carries a diplomat passport with all its privileges. Interestingly, he also wears another tricky hat:  a Voice of America (VOA) reporter. Go figure! To begin with, how on earth a diplomat can get accreditation as journalist?! That is where we failed! I hope the government will do a thorough investigation before issuing these accreditation letters.

Just last Monday, Mr. Heinlein wearing a VOA reporter hat posted the following story:

"Ethiopia's 30-million strong Muslim community were organizing demonstrations to protest what they say is government interference in Islamic affairs. Tensions are rising as the government tries to preempt what it sees as the rise of a hardline strain of Islam."

To attest his prophecy, yesterday (Friday) he went to Aweliya Mosque to report the demonstration he forecasted to take place. However, this time around he wore a different hat: The Diplomat! He went to the mosque with the diplomatically immune car. Unfortunate to him, there was no demonstration and his gloom-and-doom didn’t occur. Thus, he seems wanted to “create” news by agitating followers in his opinionated interviews. Remember, he was still in the mosque compound where the worshipers were praying.


When he was approached by the law enforcement officials to present his identification, he arrogantly refused and locked himself in the diplomatically immune car. He also ordered his Ethiopian driver not to cooperate at all. Since the automobile was a property of Denmark Government, the law enforcement officials had to wait patiently until he comes out of the car. Remember, he was still unwilling to show his ID.

His arrogance didn’t have a boundary. He also refused to talk to a representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After a long stalemate, at will, he decided to come out of the car.   That was the moment the law enforcement officials took him to a station for questioning. According to eye-witness accounts, many in the area wanted the government to kick him out of the country within 48 hours. Whether one is a diplomat or a foreign journalist (or both in this case), they have to obey the law of the land. Especially we, Ethiopians, don’t have a back to carry arrogant Ferenjis. Our history is a proud one.

According to sources, his wife (Royal Danish Ambassador) was completing her diplomatic post and about to leave the country. Definitely, he will join her soon in leaving our proud country.

God Bless Ethiopia!



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