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Monday, 29 March 2010 20:28

The Horn of Africa Potpourri Conference, in Washington, D.C.: The Last Cry of the Bleeding Neo-liberals. ( March 27, 2010 

I was laughing out of my seat when I read the following press release on an internet blog: 

I am not one for parsing words, but any good English speaker understands the above statement to mean that the subject of the conference is Washington, D.C. It seems that these honorable scholars, activists and diplomats are convening to tell president Obama about the lack of “good governance, security, and sustainable development in Washington, D.C.”.

So much for their grammatical error and let me add another quote from this same press release:

“The conference will focus on how to put Ethiopia, the most populated country in the Horn, on a path towards rapid, equitable, democratic and sustainable growth and development. Creating the foundation for pluralist democracy and rapid and equitable development, in which everyone will benefit, will pave the way for regional peace, stability, economic cooperation, security and shared prosperity.”

Among the alleged eminent scholars and professionals who will be creating the foundation for a pluralistic democracy in Ethiopia are Anna Gomes, David Shinn, Negede Gobeze, Berhanu Nega and Aregawi Berhe, to mention just a few. Some honest individuals have been commandeered to present papers just to fill the slot.

Now, let us be serious. Do we believe that these “eminent scholars” will gather in Washington, D.C. to “create a foundation” for democracy in Ethiopia?. Do we see political distability, rampant inflation and lack of peace and security in our cities and villages?  Where were these “scholars” some 19 years ago when EPRDF embarked on this noble task of democratization and is now reaping the successes of its hard work?

My friends, these are no scholars or academicians with a true love for our people and for our budding democracy. These are a collection of  bleeding-heart neo-liberals whose agenda has failed time and again, and are having their final, post-mortum  assembly to shade their tears and depart from the true political arena.

I will leave the Ana Gomeses and the David Shins alone for now and comment on the few of the Ethiopian “superstars” of this conference. Aregawi Berhe, who failed to lead a blossoming liberation movement and fled the country nearly three decades ago. As far as I know, he has never received a descent education or held a descent job throughout his life. He is now jumping from city to city to find a few buyers for his third-rate book. Berhanu Nega, has never had the political maturity and sincerity to lead a political party let alone a nation. After his 2005 post-election debacle, Berhanu has chosen to use armed struggle to overthrow our government. To that effect he has collected a few pennies from misinformed Ethiopians in the Diaspora, which monies he uses to travel the world to disseminate his hate message. He will never succeed. Negede Gobeze: a classic example of the MEISON  wing that went wild on a killing spree and hate campaign. Need I say more about this guy? They are all getting too old to play a part in our young democracy.

Are these the people who will gather in Washington, D.C. to design a formula for advancing democracy in Ethiopia? I say they missed the boat a long time ago. I say, EPRDF, through years of hard work and a process transformation has arrived at capitalist-oriented governance, and doing it successfully. The neo-liberals are mad as hell to see this successful process. They are left out in the open, cold and dry. Their so called peace and democracy conference will not bring an iota of difference to the process in our country.

As the May elections hammer the last nail into their death bed, they are campaigning hard to smear our pre-election process. They have become irrelevant in Ethiopia and the only avenue left to them is to align themselves with the left wing institutions in the Diaspora who will never stop to support them to advance their own internal agenda.

We have a very strong relationship with the relevant institutions and governments in the West. Let us not be hoodwinked by a few bad apples.

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